10% of every donation goes directly to BC Children's Hospital & Habitat for Humanity


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Family Owned & Operated

this is us.
just hours after this beautiful photo was taken nearly every single one of these 8 people is arguing and squabbling and so done with each other's antics and shortcomings. more than enough impatience and selfishness, hot tempers and tongues like swords to go around. I'm saying all this to assure anyone who's read this far to not fall for what images may appear to be.
and yet we forgive and grow and are challenged and blossom through it all. at least that's the hope.

We Truly Care

if it can be recycled, reused, repurposed or rehomed, we will take care of it. 

We Clear the Clutter

make an inventory of the clutter that distracts you and keeps your mind from being free to enjoy your life. a chaotic environment affects how you feel in your home, your work life, your leisure time, your finances, and even your relationships. you’ll likely be surprised at what you discover. so many of us sleepwalk through life, wondering why we feel so stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. so often it can be due to clutter! and trying to clear all of this clutter by yourself would just be one more task on your long to-do list. if you allow us to help you tackle it, we trust you’ll be delighted by how much better your whole life feels. let us help. no judgement, no stress.

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*by donation

10% of every donation also goes directly to the BC Children's Hospital and Habitat for Humanity.

"Let us clear your space, so you can clear your mind."